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iWorkForce – Clock to Payroll Solutions

iWorkForce is a cloud-based Time & Attendance, HR and Payroll solution that allows you to easily monitor and manage your employee records, timesheets, scheduling and payroll. Delivered to your organisation through Software as a Service (SaaS), iWorkForce provides you with full transparency of your labour costs, workforce productivity and compliance risk, all in a secure online environment.

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iWorkForce Time & Attendance Software

Time & Attendance

Use the latest biometric facial recognition clocks and mobile applications to accurately capture staff attendance and productivity whilst automatically completing timesheets and schedules.

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iWorkForce HR Software


Record and store the necessary information about your employees, from their personal details, job and pay records to their training and qualifications, as well as their absence data. Combine this with Online Recruitment and Employee Self-Service to avoid paper-based processes and administration.

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iWorkForce Payroll Software


Export to your existing payroll and finance systems or outsourcing provider. iWorkForce gives you the peace of mind that your payroll calculations and complex rules have been taken care of.

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